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- Materials: marble, stone, natural -

- Dimension: 80x80x35 cm (31,49"x31,49"x13,7")

- Weight:

- Easy to install.

Tip: Please be careful not to use abrasive products for the maintenance of the item.


  • The Riviera Coffee table is produced by Balducci Marmi factory and is designed by Riviera Design.

    Ideal to be paired to plush sofas in classic or contemporary living spaces alike, this round coffee table will capture the eye with its sculptural body crafted combining prized white and green marbles. A practical shelving unit results from the intersection of the supporting, shaped panels with the central and upper tops, creating a discreet house for magazines, books, or ashtrays.

    Riviera Design is a sustainable furniture project characterized by an original design using a patented interlocking system free of adhesives or screws.

    The brainchild of Matteo Fallabrini, the project is inspired by his grandfather Giacomo’s drawings from 1964 detailing sophisticated mechanisms the ancient Romans used to assemble marble furnishings.

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